It has finally happened I have shifted from interviewer to interviewee!

Recently, I had a couple of my pieces on display in the Surface II exhibit. I was fortunate enought to be at the show for media night and met with a writer for Novella Magazine. Here is the short write up he did on the show which includes my work.

My second solo exhibit is opening this coming Thursday July 7 from 7–9 pm and will run until the end of the month. It will be held at Graven Feather: 906 Queen Street West. Toronto. Gallery hours are Wednesday–Saturday 12–6pm and Sunday 12–5pm.

As we progress through life, as individuals and as a culture, we decide what to hold on to and what to let go of. As individuals... more

Yukon, fish, rapids, salmon, whitehorse

Walking along the Millenium trail that  follows the Yukon River leads you to the Whitehore Rapids Fishway. The fishway is an elaborate Salmon ladder to help the Salmon detour the hydro dam. While visiting the fishway there is a lovely art installation along the path to the outside observation decks called One Fish, Two Fish.

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I am feeling the need to make soimething and so I have started a new series of designs based on shedding. The second drawing is inspired by our favourite summer insect. The buzzing, humming cicada.

saskia design cicada

Cicada's live in a larcal state for seven years. They emerge from the graound shed their larval skins to become the lovely summer cicada.

design Type Nancy Snow

It was a great day yesterday walking down Queen Street between McCaul and John streets, photographing all the corporate and vernacular ‘design’ along the way.

Saskia design grafitti

Nancy Snow and I are putting together a kit of photos for our students to organize into a typology based on the elements and principles of... more

Iterative Practice, Iterative Pedagogy: Integrating Writing and Studio Education to Foster Reflective Teaching and Transformative Learning in the First-Year Graphic Design Classroom

Over last semester Nancy Snow, Emilie Brancato and myself have been collecting work from our first year core course, Communication Design 2 for a pilot study at OCAD University that looks at writing as part of the iterative process in the studio classroom. We have been analyzing the data this past month and have made some very exciting discoveries. 

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Since completing my Masters in Design (MDes) I have been working hard to align all of my work under one name. Before my masters, I was separating my design work ( from my hand work ( I saw one as my vocation and the other as my hobby, my passion. This separation was due to my perceived understanding that one (hand work) was less than the other (vocation). Why? From where does this understanding stem?

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Honey Bee by Saskia van Kampen

Last night was the opening reception for the group show Bees (& The Birds) at Gravenfeather. This show is raising money for the David Suzuki Foundation's efforts to save the pollinators—pollinators include butterflies, moths, bees, flies, beetles and birds. The show features a diverse range of works done by over 40 local artists and printmakers. It was a fabulos turn out. Thank you everyone for your... more